Commercial Pool Service: 

From weekly to two or three trips per week service, which includes brushing or vacuuming of walls and tile; emptying of strainers; routine maintenance of filter as needed; checking and adjusting chemicals; filling of automatic chlorinators. Chlorine, acid , sodium bi-carb and diatomaceous earth are included in the service price for most pools. Chemical log sheets filled out for health department encase of surprise visits Schedule an appointment for a quote 

Services we offer our clients:
CHEM SERVICE: Just check the basic chemicals, adding what the pool needs and checking for problems and small repairs.

PARTIAL SERVICE: Brushing the shallow end steps, all swim outs, brushing the spa if there is one. Checking and adding basic chemicals. Cleaning the skimmer, pump baskets and pool sweep bag and checking for problems on a weekly basis. Small repairs are also included.

FULL SERVICE: This is the exact same service as the partial but we also include skimming of the top of the pool. A working pool sweep is required for this rate.

STAND ALONE SPA SERVICES:Spa services are a Bi-weekly service( Every 2 weeks). This service includes specifically spa chemicals only, cleaning the spa with a spa wand if needed, washing the filter when needed, draining of the spa every 4 to 5 month and filling and adding fresh chemicals.

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