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Offering Monthly Pool Cleaning, Chemical Services,
Scheduled Maintenance & Repair for All Swimming Pools

Private Swimming Pool

Experienced Swimming Pool Services in California

Sparkle Pool & Spa, Inc provides a wide range of swimming pool services in California. Our professionals with high-quality equipment complete residential and commercial pool services. We offer


Pool Cleaning & Chemical services


Maintenance & Repair


Monthly Pool Cleaning


Pool Inspections for Home Purchases

We Are Here to Help

We are professional, experienced, timely, dependable, and reliable. The team at Sparkle Pool is always ready to help with all your pool needs. We carry almost all OEM parts on the trucks to ensure timely repair or replacement. Whether the pump requires changing or the filter needs fixing, we will do it all!

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Commercial Pool Service

Let Us Maintain Your Commercial Pool!

For our commercial pool services, we include chlorine, diatomaceous earth, and acid in the cost. You can get our services once, twice, or three times a week to

  • Skimming Surface of Pool
  • Full Vacuum
  • Maintianing Sanitation Levels
  • Check Chemical Levels
  • Weely Logs of Chemical Readings
  • Repair of All Commercial Equipment
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Residential Pool Service

We’ll have your pool and spa at home, looking picturesque!

  • Chem Service: Just check the basic chemicals and add what the pool needs
  • Partial Service: Brushing the shallow end steps, all swim outs, brushing the spa if there is one. Checking and adding basic chemicals. Cleaning the skimmer, pump baskets and pool sweep bag and checking for problems on a weekly basis. Small repairs are also included
  • PARTIAL SERVICE +: same service as the partial but we also include skimming the surface of the pool as well.
  • FULL SERVICE: This is the exact same service as the partial but we also include skimming of the top of the pool. A working pool sweep is required for this rate.